About Us

About Our Owner

Robin L. Farinholt - Owner/Consultant/Advocate
 After retiring from Carroll County Public Schools, I founded  Learning Liaisons, LLC in 2009. I have been in special education for more than thirty years, as a physical education and special education teacher, special school principal and central office administrator. These varied positions give me a unique perspective of the special education instructional strategies, accommodations and modifications, as well as, relevant laws and challenges of educating children who learn differently.
In founding Learning Liaisons, LLC  I created a business where I could combine my past experience and expertise and my passion for helping others. The mission of Learning Liaisons, LLC is to provide support and services to individuals who have special needs and their families.  By working alone, I ensure that each family, each child, each case is given my individualized attention, support and case management.
My background and experience includes B.S., Towson State University in  Physical Education, M.Ed., Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) in Special Education, M.S. , Western Maryland College (Now McDaniel College) in Education Administration and Supervision.

Our Mission

We provide access to the best consulting around.

When parents or caregivers are struggling with their child’s education it is an emotional and challenging time. My goal is to help you through those times and to bring about the best learning services and support for your child. I help you organize and plan to build a trusting and collaborative relationship with the school so you and your child can feel and be successful.

Our Services


We listen to and clarify client concerns about the child. We will need to be able to understand what you are looking to get out of our sessions, and in return we will make sure your child receives the care and attention they deserve.

Gather Information

At Learning Liaisons, we take the time to learn about your child and get to know them. We review and organize relevant documents, research information that will be specific to the child's needs, and conduct classroom observations.

Action Plan

Together we will develop an action plan and prioritize outcomes for your child. Having a plan in place will ensure that we are on the same page about next steps.

Support System

Learning Liaisons provides support and advocacy at meetings. We support teachers and support staff in implementing the plan.